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night of january 3, 2013
it was the middle if the night, I was sitting on the sea shore staring out into the darkness. The ocean looked like it was a perfect reflection of the nonexistent stars in the dark cloudy sky. The stars bobbed with waves and every now and then one would sink only to come back up after a few seconds.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone whispered in my ear, "They're gone".  I got into a boat and out I went into the sea of stars to look for "Them". After a long while I passed two strange structures coming out of the water, they looked like piles of rusty scrap metal. It felt like something dangerous lived there so I decided to ignore the odd place and continue my search elsewhere. Soon after leaving that place I found the boat that "they" had used.
Next thing I know I'm in the water and I'm sinking deeper and deeper. I wasn't afraid but I wasn’t happy either. The stars that surrounded me gave off comforting warmth. But their glow still couldn’t penetrate the darkness surrounding them. As I sank deeper the water grew colder and the stars began to fade from sight. Soon I reached the bottom and the water had an icy chill. I could see nor hear, everything was black, and deathly silent, still I was not afraid.
I walked along the bottom, not knowing where i was going. i walked and walked  until I found a giant angler, its esca lighting only its face the rest of its body was shrouded in darkness. Suddenly, like being slapped in the face, the fear hit me. I felt like I running as far away as I can, but I didn’t move. I stood there; staring at the giant fish, as the darkness of the sea slowly consumed me.
I’m back on the sea shore and I look around to find that it was only ever me on this small island of sand.
It was only ever me and this starry sea.
my contest entry for the LeyLines dream give away

contest rules : [link]

this dream, along with a few others, is one of the most vivid dreams i have ever had and has inspired many scenes in the story that i have been working on with a friend.
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June 22, 2013
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